climate change is real

fortera is a real solution

recarb®, reactive Calcium Carbonate™, rcc™,Vc3™, AIROCK™ & Vaterite Calcined Clay Cement

are great decarbonization solutions for:

Cement manufacturers seeking solutions to reduce site emissions and add production capacity


Ready-mix and construction companies looking for low carbon materials and mix designs


Industry professionals and researchers looking for decarbonization products and solutions


Fortera provides technical engineering, research, and consulting services as well as licensing opportunities for the ReCarb™ process in the field of cement manufacturing and plant construction.

Cement producers, construction firms, and product offtake partners, please reach out:


Fortera is always looking to build awareness around our solution for reducing global CO₂ emissions. If you are looking to learn more or are interested in telling our story, please reach out.

Fortera announces the appointment of Keith Krugh as Chief Manufacturing Officer

“The time is now for bold, decisive action coupled with cost-effective solutions,”

The addition of a senior leader from the cement industry to the Fortera team will hone strategy and promote the various value streams present in the portfolio of CO2 reduction solutions available from Fortera …


PCA - Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

A more sustainable world is Shaped by Concrete.

Long before smart phones, GPS, turn-by-turn voice directions, and self-driving cars, there was the ubiquitous roadmap. It was more than just a table of distances between cities with a roadway network laid on a geographic map. It turned a dream into a destination. …


Fortera expands into the European market and welcomes new President of Europe

Fortera announces the appointment of Thierry Legrand as President of Fortera’s European region. The addition of a President in Europe is the first step in creating a broader presence allowing for Fortera’s carbon reducing cement to be deployed on a global scale.

Europe has set ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions 


Calcium Carbonate Cement: A Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Technique

Anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) is contributing to the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration, which is widely considered to be a leading contributing factor for the greenhouse effect, ocean acidification, and global climate change [1]. While efforts are being made to reduce CO2 emissions, global anthropogenic CO2 emissions are projected …


Fortera Appoints Eric Olsen and Jim Messina to Board of Directors

Fortera is excited to announce the appointment of Eric Olsen, a former cement industry executive, and Jim Messina, a political strategist, to Fortera’s Board of Directors. Fortera is a Silicon Valley-based Materials Technology Company that has developed a new cementitious material that provides significant economic savings compared to …


Fortera closes Series B funding round, co-led by Temasek and Khosla Ventures, marking the commercialization phase of its next generation cement

Fortera is pleased to announce the closing of its $30 million Series B round, initiating the commercialization phase of its next generation low CO2 cement. The round was co-led by Temasek and Khosla Ventures, investors dedicated to accelerating efforts to achieve …


Lehigh Hanson and Fortera Work Together to Economically Reduce CO₂ Emissions

Lehigh Hanson, Inc., a leading supplier of construction materials in North America and a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement Group and Fortera, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based Materials Technology Company, are pleased to announce their collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from portland cement production …


A Few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied by “Instigators” is Desperately Needed

A few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied by “Instigators” is desperately needed 12–15 entrepreneurs, driven by entrepreneurial energy and passion for a vision, and a little bit of luck, could change the climate crisis into societal transformation …


Heidelberg Pioneers New Cement

HeidelbergCement’s US subsidiary Lehigh Hanson and Silicon Valley-based materials technology company Fortera have announced a collaboration to implement a new type of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technology in a pilot installation at Lehigh’s Redding California cement facility, with an expected 60% reduction in CO2 emissions …



Fortera’s ReCarb™ Process

Fortera Small Plant

Fortera and Lehigh Redding Collaboration

Low CO₂ Cement Inspired By Nature

Engineered to reduce CO₂ EMISSIONS